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Make It Unique

With a customizable look and style, Dashboards can fit your needs and your IOT products, to help you manage your project.


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Extendable and Upgradable

There are a lot of ways to use our Dashboards, and it is not limited to what you get. We help you with customization, integration, and programming to do your tasks the right way.


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Take Control

With options to manage data, you can choose how to view and what to view, at certain points of time. Dashboards are designed to help you reach the target data easily, and manage 1000s of IOT devices efficiently.

Helps You Do What You Need To

Dashboards are your go-to tool to manage and collect information about your system. With full control over what is being emitted and excessive access to all live data feed, you can make precise action in the right moment.

Dashboards are designed to be integrative and upgradable so it works with your system and IOT devices, and can easily be combined with your workflow.

Managing Your High Loads Of Data

With multi clustered gateways, the design of Dashboards are to ensure that data will never be lost. When connected to devices even during downtime it ensures that devices are populating your databases with their emitted data.

With a cost-effective approach to save you time and energy, you never have to worry about losing your data anymore.

Manage Your DataBases Live

Create charts, look at growth, and predict the future outcomes with Dashboard’s live data viewer. It helps you access your databases information quickly and do extensive queries in a matter of seconds. You never have to worry about how to get the data. Just click, drag, and select to preview the information you need.

Integrate It With Our Products

No need to build the project’s equipment from scratch, Dashboards are able to easily integrate with our already available solutions. We can also help you to manage your already built solutions. With its public API and expandability, you can plugin your software/hardware solutions and start using it today.

Want To Know More?

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