Are You Planning to Manage 1000s of IOT or IIOT Devices?

Tele Sensor is a proven platform combination of hardware, software, battery, custom enclosures and local expert teams, which enables you to deliver a successful IOT, IIOT product in short period of time.

Battery AI

Controlling the use, and life cycle of the battery with our newest Battery AI implementation. An improvement in productivity and efficiency of devices that you have not seen.

PCB Board

Designing custom firmware and software to complete the desired tasks for your industry. Developing PCB boards to retrieve the information required for your industry to function.


Building custom made enclosers to fit your industry and environment. Keeping the computer inside intact and protect it from potential hits and bumps.


Developing customized dashboards to fit the needs of the industry and a tool used to manage data sets. Visually track, analyze and control your remote devices from anywhere.

Who Are We?

Tele Sensor was founded to assist your company with building IOT and IIOT products. We design and deliver your IOT products, end-to-end. Our expert team of Hardware & Software programmers are Toronto locals who are passionate and talented experts who provide prime services.